Toptester Frequently Asked Questions

Why should testing be performed?

Answer: Testing the reliability of a product or component beforehand before production stage gives one already an idea of the weak spots of the product endurance against stresses. Re-designing the product before the production stage has started is a much cheaper option than wait for field returns and start compensating customers.

Should the testing be performed according to standards or against customized stresses?

Answer: This depends totally of the need. If there is a demand, e.g. from the end-user, to a certain standard, then that is the one that should be used. However, sometimes it is more useful of the product reliability point of view to use tailored testing procedures defined against the expected life-time stresses of the product.

How can I know what tests to perform?

Answer: If you don’t have a clear demand for certain tests, and you need help in choosing the right testing processes for your product, our personnel can assist you. If your need is small, our engineers may assist you in the test planning phase after the ordering of test services. For larger demand, it is also possible to ask a separate quotation from Toptester for a product reliability service, where our engineers will in co-operation with the customer, define the expected life-time stresses of the product and then a list of critical tests is created based on the life-time stress analysis. After the project, the customer will have a document including a procedure for testing their product against the predicted life-cycle analysis.

How much time does testing process take? What is the lead time of Toptester?

Answer: Again there is no simple answer to this. Testing is itself might take a few hours up to several months depending totally on the case. Generally speaking Toptester lead times are quite reasonable. Usually testing starts within one week after the arrival of products to our laboratory and results are delivered immediately after the tests. Final test report is usually available within one week after the tests have ended. Usually the delivery of tested items to Toptester laboratory and back to the customer takes between 1-2 days inside Finland and 3 days from other EU countries.

What is included in the testing process of Toptester Oy?

Answer: Unless separately agreed, Toptester tests always include both a written test plan and test report. Also, our test engineers keep the customers aware of the situation of the tests and are always available for questions during the test process.

What does 17025 accreditation or accredited tests mean?

Answer: Accreditation means basically proofing of competence according to certain internationally accepted standards. In Finland, FINAS (Finnish Accreditation Services) is the official auditor for accreditation. In the case of Toptester, Toptester has several test methods accredited and audited by FINAS according to SFS-EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard for test laboratories. Many times, accredited tests are used as the final proofing tests of the product before moving into production stage.

How should I contact Toptester? How does the testing process begin?

Answer: First, please contact Toptester either through our contact form of our webpages or contact straight Mr. Kari Välikangas (Business Development Manager) or Joni Huotari (CEO). The contact details are found from Toptester webpages. After the first contact, we usually include our test engineers early on to the discussion of your needs, often even before the delivery of actual quotation, and when the technical details are as clear as possible, you will receive a quotation from us. After the quotation is accepted, our test engineers will start to perform test planning for your product, and after your products have arrived to our laboratory and you have accepted the written test plan, within few days the actual testing begins.

Why should I choose Toptester?

Answer: Toptester has been working in the field of reliability testing for almost 20 years now. Our staff is experienced, skillful and flexible. Testing timetables are also highly flexible. Our goal is to meet our customers’ needs as small amount of bureaucracy as possible still maintaining a high level of reliability and service. We would like to see your product pass the tests during the first time and then for you to return with tests to a totally different product!


Kari Välikangas, Business Development Manager,, +358 406538005

Joni Huotari, CEO,, +358 408259208

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