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Package test

​Toptester is an ISTA-certified test house for package testing. We perform tests according to the ISTA standard or your own standard.

ISTA package tests ensures the reliability and protection of a product’s transport package during both transport and storage. Actually, ISTA test procedures are some of the most commonly used transit package testing methods in the world, and ISTA certification is widely accepted by most internationally active logistic companies. Compliant packages can use the ISTA label otheir packages. Please read more about this test method here: ISTA Protocols.

Why do you need ISTA packaging testing?

How do you know if the packaging you choose adequately protects the product during transport? Does the packaging work for that particular product and its materials? Can the package withstand storage and storage conditions? Product development usually involves many to put a product on the market. At this point, however, the transport of the product and the packaging during transport may be forgotten. Even excellent product development or product testing will not ensure that the product lasts if the product is damaged during transport. The transport packaging must protect the product.

Thus, packaging testing provides information about the durability of packaging. ISTA testing is reliable and certified. Its purpose is not only to determine the durability of the packaging but also to determine the packaging’s suitability for use with a particular product. In principle, the packaging must protect the product, but it must also be durable and, on the other hand, safe for the user. Challenges to the durability of packaging are posed by transport as well as environmental conditions. These issues are all addressed in ISTA testing.

What does ISTA packaging testing involve?

ISTA-certified tests can only be performed at a certified testing site. Toptester is an accredited test house that fulfils ISTA standards. And ISTA packaging testing includes several different tests and test series. Toptester’s  test service consists of test design and customisation, test coordination and the tests themselves. We will help you choose the right test you need from the test battery as well as tailor the test package to your requirements.

Test Features


  • ISTA 1A, B, C, D, E, G, H
  • ISTA 2A, B, C
  • ISTA 3A, B, C
  • ISTA 6 Amazon SIOC Type A, B, D
  • ISTA 7D
  • Customer´s own standard


We use widely Toptester test equipment capacity for package testing. All test devices are calibrated regularly and meet ISO9001, ISTA and ISO/IEC 17025 requirements.