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IK tests ensure that the product housing is resistant to external shocks. IK tests are performed with free fall weights. We are accredited testhouse for IK tests and you will receive an official test report and certificate as a proof of quality.

IK tests performed with Toptester

Toptester is a test house accredited by Finas 17025, and this accreditation includes IK tests. This means that you will receive an official test report and certificate of tests performed with Toptester as proof of the durability of the product or its casing.

Why is an IK test worth doing?

Product enclosure tests are needed above all to determine the durability of a product. In product design and development, it is important to know what type of use the product actually has. Situations that the product is used in can be surprising, and their strength and impact on the product are difficult to determine in advance without testing it.

Impact tests help you determine the official impact resistance of your product according to the product enclosure rating system. This rating is an advantage in the sale of a product, as it directly indicates the durability of the product and thus, for example, its suitability for certain uses.

The IK rating is an international rating system that describes the level of protection of a product or its casing against external factors, namely shocks. This  rating starts from the IK00 class, which means that the product does not have special protection against external factors. Such external shocks can be, for example, unintentional shocks or punches during the use of the product, or even vandalism, i.e., intentional shocks. In practice, therefore, a product defined with a high IK rating is more resistant to vandalism than a product with a lower rating.

How do we do IK tests?

Toptester offers the opportunity to study the impact resistance of your product, starting from class IK05. From this, we can continue testing further until the product breaks or we achieve IK10 impact resistance. We perform IK accredited tests.

An IK10-rated product is virtually resistant to 20 joules of impact and is therefore practically very impact resistant, and quite safe from both unintentional and intentional impacts. We perform all our IK tests high quality according to your needs.

Test Features


  • IEC 60068-2-75
  • SFS-EN 62262


Calibrated free fall weights for IK01 to IK10 tests