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Drop test

Drop tests are for simulate the situation where the user drops the product accidentally. Drop angle and height varies on those situations.

Drop test – what is that and why? In the real world, products and components face a variety of challenges where their durability is tested. One danger is the product falling. Therefore drop tests simulate the situation where a user accidentally drops the product. The drop angle and height vary in those situations.

Drop tests tell you about the durability of a product in situations of use or misuse. Even if products are handled with care, the product may fall during installation, transport or repair. That`s why drop tests are intended to ensure that the product remains intact and in its original condition, from the manufacturer to the user.

Why and in what situations are drop test required?

All in all, drop tests provide valuable information and help develop a quality product. Even during product development, it may be necessary to know the impact and impact resistance of the various parts used.

The drop test practically simulates how the real world affects that object. In this way, the drop test can also be used to assess the durability of a product in relation to standard or otherwise specified requirements. At the same time, information related to other features, such as product properties.

What information do drop tests provide?

In the laboratory, drop tests can replicate a free-fall situation from different heights, for example, or a practical situation that simulates an impact or a hard collision. These simulate common user situations as well as abuse situations that products or parts of products may encounter. It is possible to perform the tests either at a constant angle or at random. Toptester always designs drop tests according to the needs of each customer and product. Various drop test styles are utilised in different industries and different product types. The most common drop test standards are based on product weight and drop height. Under laboratory conditions, the test is accurate and can be repeated the same number of times.

Do you need material tests to support product development or a heat and humidity test, for example?

Test Features


  • Customer´s own standard


Nokia droptester NDT 2000 -24

  • Suction cup grip and drop heights 1,2 meter and 1,5 meter
  • Adjustable rotation speed and drop count

Heinä Tumble Tester

  • Tumble test is used to test the breakage of various small items and components. The desired number of falls is selected. Tumble tester will drop the item onto the base of the machine at random positions (free fall).