MIL-STD-810H testing: What to consider before outsourcing?

What is MIL-STD testing? The military test (MIL tests), or MIL-STD-810 tests, are built to test products designed for use in extreme conditions. Manufacturers of this type of equipment and products must ensure that the product is actually suitable for extreme conditions.

The need for MIL-STD-810 tests is increasing among businesses. These tests provide a reliable and standardized way to assess the durability of products in various environmental conditions. However, before outsourcing these tests, it is important to consider a few factors. In this blog post, we share tips and perspectives to help you make the decision to outsource the tests and ensure their success.

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MIL-STD 810 testing for defence forces (Midjourney)

What to consider before outsouring MIL-STD-810 testing?

1. The next available test appointment? Test Start Date

When requesting quotes for MIL-standard tests for defense-related products, it is relevant to inquire about the start date of the tests. When does the laboratory commit to commencing testing on your product? Long queues at the laboratory could, in the worst case, delay your product development cycles to the extent that your product may not reach the market by the agreed-upon deadline.

At Toptester, we initiate tests within one to two weeks from the moment your product arrives at our laboratory.

2. Accreditation and Quality System

How can you guarantee the quality of tests if the laboratory is not familiar to you? Before placing an order, check the laboratory’s quality system and find out if MIL tests are accredited. In Finland, FINAS is the official accreditation body. Toptester provides MIL tests accredited by FINAS under the 17025 standard and adheres to the ISO 9001 quality system. Test equipment is regularly calibrated, and the staff includes a quality management expert team. Read more about our quality system here.

3. Which company is already using this laboratory? – Open References

If the laboratory is unfamiliar to you, check their open references. Are there any of your clients or other well-known and reliable companies among them? Written references, in particular, carry significant weight, as the author is often in a similar role to yours. You can find Toptester’s references here.

4. Quick Response Time

You purchase a service, send the product, and then experience complete radio silence? Ensure, already in the request for a quote stage, to inquire about the laboratory’s response time to emails. This is a risk management measure in case unexpected changes occur during the project, and quick reactions are necessary.

At Toptester, we respond to emails within 1-2 days and always keep our clients updated on test progress and findings via email.

5. Participation in the Testing Process

Are the tests conducted independently, or is it possible for you to be present to observe the tests on-site? Asking this question is particularly important, as not all testing facilities allow this.

You are welcome to observe tests on-site at Toptester.

6. Costs and how to avoid Cost Escalation

Purchasing testing services is not always straightforward. The comprehensiveness and differences in standards can make outsourcing services seem challenging. Pay attention, during the quoting phase, not only to the price but also to the quantity and duration of tests, as well as the cost of hours beyond the described services. This will give you a clearer picture of whether the test project stays within budget or not.

7. Quality of Reports and Communication

Has it ever happened to you or your team that after testing, you receive a test report with just PASS or FAIL? This type of test documentation does not provide comprehensive information about the product’s quality.

How do you identify a high-quality test report? A high-quality and carefully produced test report is not only a matter for product development but can also be effectively utilized by departments such as sales and marketing. Toptester’s test reports are in English, include images, and provide detailed explanations of the changes observed in the product. See an example of our customer test report here.

8. What-If Scenarios

Product development projects are always full of uncertainties. Sometimes, tests alone may not be enough if you want a reliable product in the market. Does the laboratory you are considering have experienced product development engineers from whom you can purchase consulting services for a more complex testing project? This can save both time and money and reduce risks when starting the collaboration.

Toptester offers consulting packages to assist you with tasks such as defining the life cycle and lifespan of your product. We tailor our assistance to your needs, so contact us for these projects, and let’s discuss the details in a meeting. Get to know our consulting services by clicking here.

MIL-STD-810H tests easily from Toptester, as if in your own lab

If acquiring expensive testing equipment and training staff doesn’t align with your goals, Toptester is an excellent accredited testing facility for MIL tests.

This is what our customers say about us:

“We consider you more of an internal laboratory and appreciate our collaboration. We always know what we get from you.”

“The customer-centric approach of Toptester’s staff is excellent.”

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