What size packages can I test with Toptester?

Sometimes it can be demanding to find out which size packages can be tested with which test device. After reading this page, you will know if you can test your package with us.

Climatic test room

In the climatic test room, we simulate the cold or hot storage or transport conditions of pallet goods. In practice, we test, for example, how the packaging can withstand longer storage in a humid warehouse.

Door opening height195 cm
Door opening width115 cm
Room size4 x 2 m
Temperature-25˚C – + 60˚C
Max weight for the productSeveral hundred kilos. Not strictly defined

Environmental Chamber

In the environmental chamber, we test the individual packages. The test simulates the various transport conditions encountered by the package and, for example, the preservation of the package in cold storage.

Capacity1300 litraa
Depth120 cm
Width100 cm
Height90 cm
Temperature-70˚C – + 180˚C
Relative humiditymax 98 %
Max weightcirca 100 kg

Package Drop Test Equipment

With this device, the package is dropped on the levels, edges, and corners of the package. The test device we use for package drop tests is called AccuDrop Model AD-160A.

Max size of one face of the packagemax 81 x 81 cm (Other package sizes will be consulted case by case)
Max weight of the package72 kg

Incline Impact Tester

This test simulates the situation when the forklift drives to the loading dock with the goods to be transported.

Pallet size120 cm x 80 cm
Max height160 – 180 cm
Max weightcirca 400 kg


The shaker simulates the stress and vibration on the package during transport by different vehicles.

Height195 cm
Width115 cm
Max weight of the productSeveral hundred kilos. Not strictly defined

Package Compression tester

Durability tests of large packages are carried out with Finland’s largest packaging press.

Max height of the package230 cm
The size of the compression platens150 cm x 150 cm
Max compression force150kN

Leave us a message

Each package testing project must be agreed upon and configured individually, so please contact us. We help you find the best test solution for your packaging and we’ll make sure the process is the easiest possible for you.

Email: kari.valikangas@toptester.com or saana.nieminen@toptester.com
Phone number, Kari Välikangas: +358 40 653 8005

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