Jedec Tests

Toptester is an accredited test house for most of Jedec standard tests. We have 20 years experience in Jedec standard required tests.

The Jedec testing method applies to all application-specific reliability testing for solid-state components.

One of the most common tests are Board Level Reliability (BLR) is also known as an interconnect reliability test. This is a method used to evaluate the quality and reliability of solder connections after mounting an IC package to a PCB (printed circuit board).

If you are in need of outsourcing your BLR or other Jedec standard tests, or maybe would need help from a committed partner for overflow testing, contact us. The customer receives a certificate of the tests performed and assurance of the level of suitability of the product concerning the aspects tested.

Further Information

Jedec Test Specialist | Joni Huotari | joni.huotari [at]